Support Brackets

Your support brackets are custom made and powder coated steel brackets, meant to support the weigh of your mirror.

What your bracket looks like

The brackets can be install two different ways.

1. Install Directly onto the Mirror

You can screw the bracket directly into the 1/2" back board on the mirror. If you do so, **make sure the screw you use is not more than 1/2" long**, as longer screws will damage the back of the mirror**

2. Install onto the wall

Brackets can also be mounted directly to the wall. In this configuration, each bracket will screw directly into a stud. **This may no work for thicker mirrors, so make sure the front lip of the bracket is wide enough to accommodate your piece.

Installation Order

  1. Hanging the mirror
  2. Look to see where you see the brackets will fit best
  3. Mark the bracket position
  4. Remove the mirror from the wall
  5. Reinstall brackets
  6. Reset piece

One last IMPORTANT thing

  • Take a piece of cloth or other soft layer and set between the metal of the bracket and the mirror. METAL AND GLASS should not be touching directly, as this can chip your mirror! These support brackets only act as a safety precaution, as the mirror's glue is very strong and can hold the weight of the mirror on its own.
  • In other words, brackets do not have to be very snug against the glass, they are just there in case the mirror has some problem with its glue.