Front view of Large Round Mirror in Scandinavian Apartment

Side photo of Round Wall Mirror hanging in Modern Apartment

Another Round Mirror, Photographed in New York

Wall Mirror with Slight Antiqued Finish

Side view of Antiqued Mirror

Large Round Wall Mirror

Oversized 60" Frameless Wall Mirror designed by MirrorCoop

The round mirror shown in these photos is from a Scandinavian style redesign in Los Angeles, where MirrorCoop acted as both the interior designer and furniture builder. 

Our client was in love with the idea of a large, chic frameless mirror for two reasons.

First, she wanted the space to be much brighter. There is one bay window (just out of frame) but the back of the room and side with artwork has no natural light.

The large mirror reflected the bay windows light into the far corner of the room, provide a natural illumination for the entire room. 

Second, we looked at different frames but each finish contrasted too much with the decor of the entire interior. Frameless mirrors have the advantage that they don't require the legwork of finding a good, matching finish, so they integrate into interiors seamlessly, which makes changing decor much easier, also. 

About the Mirrors

All artwork is original from California based artists, and the desk is made with one of our favorite woodworkers (Hi David!!). 

The table is from Hive. I've been a massive fan of Hive for a while. Check them out. 

Overall we wanted to capture the Scandinavian aesthetic. My client loved the interior styling of Fantastic Frank and other famous purveyors of the Scandinavian style. 

Walls are painted with Farrow & Ball's Strong White, which looks slightly yellow on their website but really isn't.

We decided on a simple grey/white, Scandinavian furniture, and, of course, this beautiful mirror to make that vision a reality. 

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About the Look

 In a world of square and rectangle furniture, that is, the large, round mirror just might be the interior decorating shape that can shake up your dull room. Not only will this one accent bring all the advantages that a mirror brings (like reflecting light and creating the optical illusion of more space), but its large size and irregular shape can provide the needed contrast its rectangular relative can’t achieve.

As any article on decorating with mirrors will say that mirrors will make your room look and feel bigger. Large, round mirrors when positioned over your other furniture like the couch, bed, or fireplace, will not just grab attention towards them but to whatever it is reflecting on the other side as well. This even grander illusion of space is due to its size and a 360-degree view.

Because they reflect light, mirrors always enhance your furnishings. Hang your large, round mirrors to face your cabinets or dresser to bounce light off their surface.  You can likewise place large round mirrors inside your wardrobe and bookshelves not for a secret place to fix your hair but to make their insides look bigger and brighter as well. If you display knick-knacks in your cabinet, putting mirrors behind them will bring to life your collections as well as show the backs of your valuables.

Finally, your large, round mirror might be an Objet D’arte on its own. Shop for one that has an ornate frame. These textures and designs work especially well with the curves and size of a large, round mirror. Think antique filigree brooches that are often rounded or curved. They lend a glamorous flair to even a basic outfit thanks to their intricate design and mirror-like quality. The same goes for an ornate large, round mirror with its timeless sophistication.

Just a few tips! Thanks again for reading

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- John Linden