Large Round Wall Mirrors

Round, frameless wall mirrors have been a popular, chic addition to many stylish interiors. I will give you tips on how to use these pieces when decorating. This article will tell you

1. How to Decorate Your Home with Large Round Wall Mirrors

2. Where to Find Them Online or in Person

by John Linden (

Front view of Large Round Mirror in Scandinavian Apartment. See More @

How to decorate with oversized mirrors

In a world of square and rectangle furniture, a round mirror just might be the interior decorating shape that can shake up your dull room.

Not only will this one accent bring all the advantages that a mirror brings (like reflecting light and creating the optical illusion of more space), but its large size and irregular shape can provide the needed contrast its rectangular relative can’t achieve.

Mirrors will make your room look and feel bigger. Large, round mirrors when positioned over your other furniture like the couch, bed, or fireplace, will not just grab attention towards them but to whatever it is reflecting on the other side as well. This even grander illusion of space is due to its size and a 360-degree view.

Because they reflect light, mirrors always enhance your furnishings. Hang your large, round mirrors to face your cabinets or dresser to bounce light off their surface.  You can likewise place large round mirrors inside your wardrobe and bookshelves not for a secret place to fix your hair but to make their insides look bigger and brighter as well. If you display ceramics on your cabinet, putting mirrors behind them will bring to life your collections as well as show the backs of your valuables.

**Frameless mirrors have the advantage that they don't require the legwork of finding a good, matching finish, so they integrate into interiors seamlessly, which makes changing decor much easier, also.

Finally, any large mirror may be an Objet D’arte on its own. These photos display an extra large round mirror in silver mirrors possessing a seamless beauty, giving the space a simple sophistication. 


Side photo of Round Wall Mirror by hanging in Modern Apartment


Where To Find Oversized Mirrors (Online And In Person)

Oversized round mirrors can be a chic addition to your interior, but their fragile nature & custom sizes make them hard to find. Below are resources for finding these mirrors on the web and, below, in person. 


1. Online Retailers

A simple, fast and affordable way to get a large round wall mirror in your home.

 CB2 Modern Mirror

CB2 Modern Mirror

CB2 (Crate & Barrel) is a discount Modern furnishings retailer. They have an infinity round black mirror  which is a minimal silver mirror with a black aluminum frame. 


  • Fast Shipping - This piece is marked as shipping in 5 days.
  • Simple Return Policy - CB2 does have an excellent and simple returns policy
  • Lightweight, anti-corrosion frame which is durable enough to be used in a moist environment (think bathroom) without rusting. 


  • The mirror is only available in 3 sizes - 24", 36", and 48"
  • The mirror itself is made overseas. Mirrors made in Asia tend to be thinner so that they can be shipped cheaply -- but this also affects their durability.
  • Customer reviews suggest that the mounting process is difficult, and CB2 has not resources available for guiding the installation.

 See on West Elm

See on West Elm

West Elm is a trendy, Modern retailer that has a great website. Their creatively named metal framed oversized round mirror is a minimal mirror with a 3/8" metal frame. 


  • Even Faster Shipping - This piece is marked as arriving to your door (if you are US based) in 4 - 5 business days.
  • 4 finish options for the frame, including a popular rose gold color.
  • Optional installation help by a qualified installer.


  • This mirror has no public reviews and we have never used one for a project, so the quality of the actual piece is unclear.
  • On the quality point, the metal material of the frame is not listed in the product description, so the material is unknown - which usually means poor quality.
  • There is no customization available for sizing, as the piece only comes as a 48" diameter, which is a big mirror and wouldn't work for most console tables or medium-to-small sideboards.

Pottery Barn the mega-brand traditional home retailer has a 30" minimal mirror called The Turner Mirror which is a minimal silver mirror with no frame. 


  • Fast Shipping - This piece is marked as shipping in 3 - 5 days.
  • Pottery Barn has a great customer service team, so any damage or questions will be easy to remedy 
  • Cost - this piece, at the time of this writing - is less than $100. 


  • The mirror only has one available 1 size - 30"
  • There is no information about the frame (or lack of frame) for the piece. I'm guessing that the piece is frameless but it is unclear.
  • No reviews or other customer information, so nobody to vouch for the quality besides PB.

2. Local Glass & Mirror Stores

A simple, fast and affordable way to get a large round wall mirror in your home.

Local glass shops are very common in both small and large cities alike. Many work primarily with shower doors, table tops, and mirrors. Even if your local glass and mirror store has never created an oversized, round mirror, they may have the capability if you ask the right questions. Below is a little overview of how to find out.

Call your local glass and mirror store and ask...

  • Do you sell custom wall mirrors?
  • Do you have round wall mirrors with a polished edge?
  • Can you mount a mirror as on a board and hang?

 Most companies will be open to this, though how the hang/mount the piece will vary. 


  • Custom sizing available - all glass and mirror stores have the ability to custom size glass
  • In-home delivery/installation for the mirror pieces - you will not have to pay a shipping fee + an installation fee, which is key for larger pieces.
  • High quality customer service - small glass and mirror stores have an in-depth knowledge of the product and medium


  • Longer process - from start to finish, the measuring, quoting, and delivery process will be much longer than an online retailer.
  • More expensive - local glass and mirror stores typically use American-made materials, which are more expensive to work with than products made overseas.
  • Quality varies greatly - as most people know from working with local construction companies, quality is variable. Make sure to research any prospective company on Yelp / Google Reviews before working together.

3. Work with MirrorCoop

Custom mirrors from an online source, delivered to your door.

Another Round Mirror, Photographed in New York

MirrorCoop is a furniture studio that works with glass and mirror, including wall mirrors. In the last 5 years, we've shipped thousands of custom mirrors to our clients all around the world. Unlike online retailers and local glass stores, we have a unique, customizable selection of material that is all American made.


Wall Mirror with Slight Antiqued Finish

  • Custom sizing & custom material available - all glass and mirror stores have the ability to custom size glass
  • Design guidance from start to finish - I always discuss the aesthetic considerations of the mirror as much as the practical
  • High quality customer service - our team will never hesitate to pick up the phone and connect with you on ideas or issues


  • Longer lead time - mirrors take on average 4 weeks to ship.
  • More expensive - we are not competitive with any large online retailer on price
  • Client requirements - we can only accommodate certain projects that fit our timeline and size requirements

Visit our Etsy page to see available mirrors or click back to our home page.

Side view of Antiqued Mirror

 Extra large round mirror with blue tint via our  Etsy page

Extra large round mirror with blue tint via our Etsy page

Wall Mirror Inspiration

To wrap up, I've included some oversized round mirrors from my favorite blogs. Just an FYI, MirrorCoop did not make of these mirrors. Beneath each, I'll give you a little insight into how the designer achieved the look. 

 Photo via  The Zoe Report

Photo via The Zoe Report

The size of this mirror is likely 54" round and the frame of the mirror is a likely has 1" of "coverage" on the surface. My guess is that the material is a polished brass or aluminum.

I actually love this look but think it might be hard to manage anywhere outside of a photo studio. Typically, leaning mirrors require special mounting hardware to keep them from tipping when bumped. We've had a few requests over the years for a round leaning mirror, but have always taken different routes because keeping the mirror stationary would be difficult.

 Photo via  Refinery29

Photo via Refinery29

I just love the color scheme in this photo. The frame finish is an aged brass, which is very popular right now. The mirror looks like it could be slightly antiqued, but it is hard to tell from the photos.

MirrorCoop is a customer furniture studio that build wall mirrors and mirrored furniture. We are based in Los Angeles but work through the United States, Europe, and Australia. In other words, we can build you a custom mirror and ship it to your door.

Most pieces we build are custom, though you can always see what's currently available here. If you have a question about a custom piece, just email me at