Square Antique Mirrors

Collection of Some of Our Favorites from 2014 and 2015


Square antique mirror with White Frame

Similar white framed mirrors. (None are quite square though!)

Square Mirror with White Frame

These mirrors we developed for a cottage style interior outside of Fresno, California. Our client wanted a rustic feel for the interior -- which is in a semi-secluded area -- so we built these simple, iron frame mirrors as accents throughout the main living space. 

This antiqued finish is the most popular of our collection. You can see a swatch of this antique finish here.

Wall mirror with Antiqued Side Panels

Side photo of the same mirror

close up view of the antique sides mirror

The mirror above fell into the Art Deco style of multicolor/different finish side panels. This piece was originally made for our show space but was purchase by a friend (and colleague) before it was ever put on public display.

A client of ours in Rhode Island ordered a similar piece in 2015. They loved the piece and the backdrop was a more traditional living space. 

If you are a designer and want to collaborate or work with my stylist, drop me an email. If you are interested in a mirror for your home, drop me a line and I will let you know about lead time.  I'm john(!@)mirrorcoop.com