Antiqued round mirror

1950s inspired large European wall mirror with smoked Antiqued glass mirror by MirrorCoop.

Round Antiqued Wall Mirror

Detailed view of antiqued mirror

Frameless antiqued mirror reflecting a window

 Decorative smoked mirror as seen on out  Etsy page

Decorative smoked mirror as seen on out Etsy page

 Parisian smoked mirror in minimal environment

Parisian smoked mirror in minimal environment

Before we lead you into the art of a vintage wall round mirror, if you descending on this to simply order this round mirror, Click Here

On this page you will find a hanging decorative wall mirror made with antiqued mirrored glass. One will call this a "vintage wall round mirror." In the industry of glass and midcentury modern, we call this 1950s inspired vintage style "antiqued."

We sometimes refer to the finished product of this technique as a smoked mirror.

These photos display a large European smoked mirror. The smoked glass mirror is a handmade finish, meant to match our customer's interior. 

Plain round mirrors are so common. Every home, apartment, and office has plain clear wall mirrors.

This round antique wall mirror has a character and interesting look that stands out from other, boring wall mirrors. The antique pattern on the surface of the mirror has a unique reflection that both provides a cool light bounce and makes for an interesting conversation piece.

With a wall mirror like this distressed mirror, you will

  • Give your home or office a unique look
  • Support an artisanal made piece of art
  • Have a mirror that will last since it was made in the USA

As seen on our Etsy page, we offer a wide range of antiqued and smoked mirrors so you can find the vintage wall round mirror your space desires. You can find antiqued framed mirrors there as well. 

Even more antiqued mirrors can be found here:

This hanging mirror is perfect for an interesting living environment. If you are looking for a similar round mirror that's a different size, let me know.

I can also show you photos of similar round mirrors in different environments. We understand that your home may be different than that of these photos. 

In any case, if you are interested in a smoked glass mirror, please drop me a line via email.

If any sizes or colors of the mirrors featured in these photos isn't fit for your space, feel free to reach out and we will discuss other options. 

If you are interested in a seeing a sample of this material?

You can order one here:

Smoked glass mirror, antiqued mirror, and colorful mirror are a huge part of our collection. If you are interested in seeing the latest and greatest as they are made join our list of clients.

Not only interested in the smoked glass mirror from these photos, but want to see the latest and greatest as they are made? Join our list of clients.

We do re-release pieces every few months - and our client list always hears about the offers first. 

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