MidCentury Modern blue wall mirror photographed in studio

Blue mirror with MidCentury geometry photographed in studio

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Side view of MidCentury modern mirror.

Blue Mirror Photographed in Situation

Side view of Blue Mirror

Blue Glass MidCentury Modern Mirror

Trapezoid, Geometric Wall Mirror. This piece is part of our reproduction, MidCentury Modern mirror set. 

Each piece echoes the vibe, form, and color of the MidCentury era. We've drawn inspiration from the famous designers of the period, including Eero Saarinen and Milo Baughman, two of my personal favorites. 

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If you are looking for a reproduction of the blue wall mirror here, you can email me directly. I'm John@mirrorcoop.com

The original piece lives in Palm Springs, California. 

What's great about a blue wall mirror is that the your color pallet is pretty versatile within your space. Notice in the initial photos of this post, the blue mirror is hung on a white wall.

The intensity of the blue really comes out, also matching exactly to a primary share of blue. As you scroll deeper into this post, you will see the same blue wall mirror agains a tan, orangish wall. The intensity of the blue drops, making it appear close to turquoise. It appears to have a deeper, oceanic tone. 

Not only is the color blue versatile, the midcentury modern design is. It doesn't only take four corners and frameless as these mirror do. Midcentury mirrors can be rounded, angular and framed. Check out what I mean on our Etsy page

If you can't get a feel for how a blue wall mirror will fit your space, I can show to you an array of photos of similar mirrors in different environments. As well, if the size doesn't fit what you are looking for, you can always email me at john@mirrorcoop.com and we can go through the options.

In any case, if you are interested in a frameless round mirror, please drop me a line via email.

These mirrors are handmade and, at times, pre-released to our customer list.

We do re-release pieces every few months - and our client list always hears about the offers first. 

My Best Always,

- John