Boho Wall Decor

Boho wall decor has been a huge trend in the last few years. Part of my job as an interior designer is research. Mood boards, contacting vendors and artists, and the rest of it. Part of that journey is learning about really cool furniture and design. Here is an overview of some recent favorites in the boho world, including some great boho wall decor. 

by John Linden
 A Boho interior by the excellent  Justina Blakeney

A Boho interior by the excellent Justina Blakeney

Decor Ideas For Your Inner Hippie

If you love vintage furniture, layered textiles and unconventional patterns, your style might best be described as “boho”. Boho, which is short for “bohemian” is a popular decor style that favors free, unrestrained expression over minimalism. Whereas the minimalist might limit themselves to geometric shapes and a restrained color palette, a bohemian leaves their options open by incorporating a wide array of shapes, colors, and styles into their design.

If you’re looking to decorate like a true bohemian, here are some tips:

Be Relaxed in Your Approach

The term “bohemian” actually dates back to the 1800’s. At the time, it was used to describe artists, writers and other people who lived on the outskirts of society. Because these creative folks weren’t as well-off as the bourgeois businesspeople, they often lived together in communal homes. Many of their belongings were salvaged or purchased for as little money as possible. Style, therefore, wasn’t as important as functionality. It wasn’t until later on that mainstream culture began to look at the bohemians as a style influence. Culture took to the bohemian sensibility and began to mimic it. 

If you truly want a boho design, you can start by staying relaxed. Don’t stress out about whether or not something “matches”. Think like a bohemian: if it works well and you love it, it will find a place in your home.

Three Principles of Boho Design

1. Be Generous with Patterns

Sometimes, modern designers limit themselves to a few patterns. A true minimalist, for example, would scoff at the thought of a carpet that doesn’t match the bedspread or a decorative lampshade that clashes with the wallpaper. A bohemian, on the other hand, sees clashing fabrics as an opportunity to create a cozy environment.

Most of the best boho designs will layer patterns on top of one another. A single boho room may contain a Persian rug, some Art Deco wallpaper and a variety of blankets and pillows all with different floral patterns.

2. Exotic Wall Decor

No boho design is complete without some Eastern-influenced wall decor. Consider hanging some woven tapestries or macrame decorations in your room. Anything that gives off a natural, organic vibe will help to make your space feel more bohemian.

You might also consider hanging some shelves for plants, ceramic vases, and other decorations. This shelves will give you the perfect spot to place some trinkets, mason jars and other hippie-inspired objects. 

3. Make Your Guests Comfortable

The goal of all boho design is to create an environment that is relaxing to be in. This means that you should have plenty of chairs, couches, pillows, and blankets around. You might want to add some rocking chairs, a beanbag or a hammock that your friends can hang out in when they come to visit. These don’t have to be the main seat that you use when you’re watching TV or drinking your morning coffee, but having them around will help to create the laid-back atmosphere that you’re aiming to create.

Shop for Boho Wall Decor

1. Scour the Local Thrift Shop

True boho decor can’t be purchased as a kit. You need to accumulate objects over time. The best way to decorate your home like a real bohemian is to browse thrift shops and yard sales regularly. Instead of trying to slap together a boho-inspired room all at once, just pick up items as you come across them. Find a vintage lamp here, a few tapestries there and allow them to gather in your home over time. Before you know it, you’ll have a harmonious bohemian home. 

2. Finding Furntiure/Decor Online

West Elm is a personal favorite when it comes to shopping for Boho Chic decor. They are inexpensive and have a well selected line that has many cool (and not kitsch) pillows, blankets, and furniture.


Under Lucky Stars

I was searching for decor for a client's son's bedroom when I stumbled onto this company. Under Lucky Stars creates star maps for any location. Such a cool and unique idea for a person's room or a gift -- like a wedding gift. We ended up going a different direction with my project, but I just love the idea.

The Poster Club

The Poster Club

The name is a little plain but this is the best collection of Modern prints I've found online. Check them out The prints, frames, and styling is all too good -- tons of great boho wall decor. One word of warning, though, they are in Europe so double check lead times, etc. 

Also, I've worked with a few European vendors -- mostly for furniture -- and the process can be a bit trying! That said, prints are easy, so I wouldn't expect the same here. 

Wolf & Wren

Wolf and Wren

A friend of mine had these cards given to her at a birthday card so, of course, I checked out the website.  Very unique and cool designs. Check them out at

 Thompson Street Studio

Thompson Street Studio

Thompson Street Studio

I needed a tapestry for one of my Chicago projects, so Dani and I went deep looking for cool quilts and fabrics. The interior is kind of Boho chic, so we stayed away from the more formal, traditional tapestries. 

I really liked the style of this studio. They actually make a lot of different textiles, including pillow covers, blankets, etc. The style is a little edgy and definitely not for traditionalists, but I love it. Check them out at Thompson Street Studio

 Happy French Gang Blanket

Happy French Gang Blanket

Happy French Gang

Like I mentioned above, I'm working on a Boho chic space. I'm just such a sucker for the California aesthetic and this studio nails it. Mostly pillows, blankets and other house hold textiles, these are perfect if you have a beach house (or just wish you did). They also have a cool "creators" kind of blog series, which features cool makers in California and beyond.

Wishing all a happy and healthy week! Some say that Fall is the best time of year. I'm in Chicago (what else is new?) so I feel it coming. Thankfully I'll be back in the California sunshine around Thanksgiving.  I also just contributed to an article for My Deal in Australia. Check it out here. 

My best as always

- John