Boho Chic & Awesome Wall Decor

by John Linden

Part of my job as an interior designer is reseach. Mood boards, contacting vendors and artists, and the rest of it. Part of that journey is learning about really cool furniture and design. Here is an overview of some recent favorites.

Under Lucky Stars

I was searching for decor for a client's son's bedroom when I stumbled onto this company. Under Lucky Stars creates star maps for any location. Such a cool and unique idea for a person's room or a gift -- like a wedding gift. We ended up going a different direction with my project, but I just love the idea.

The Poster Club

The Poster Club

The name is a little plain but this is the best collection of Modern prints I've found online. Check them out The prints, frames, and styling is all too good. One word of warning, though, they are in Europe so double check lead times, etc. 

I've worked with a few European vendors -- mostly for furniture -- and the process can be a bit trying! That said, prints are easy, so I wouldn't expect the same here. 

Wolf & Wren

Wolf and Wren

A friend of mine had these cards given to her at a birthday card so, of course, I checked out the website.  Very unique and cool designs. Check them out at

Thompson Street Studio

Thompson Street Studio

Thompson Street Studio

I needed a tapestry for one of my Chicago projects, so Dani and I went deep looking for cool quilts and fabrics. The interior is kind of Boho chic, so we stayed away from the more formal, traditional tapestries. 

I really liked the style of this studio. They actually make a lot of different textiles, including pillow covers, blankets, etc. The style is a little edgy and definitely not for traditionalists, but I love it. Check them out at Thompson Street Studio

Happy French Gang Blanket

Happy French Gang Blanket

Happy French Gang

Like I mentioned above, I'm working on a Boho chic space. I'm just such a sucker for the California aesthetic and this studio nails it. Mostly pillows, blankets and other house hold textiles, these are perfect if you have a beach house (or just wish you did). They also have a cool "creators" kind of blog series, which features cool makers in California and beyond.

Wishing all a happy and healthy week! Some say that Fall is the best time of year. I'm in Chicago (what else is new?) so I feel it coming. Thankfully I'll be back in the California sunshine around Thanksgiving.  I also just contributed to an article for My Deal in Australia. Check it out here. 

My best as always

- John