Round Wall Mirror by MirrorCoop

Sideview of Round Mirror hanging in New York residence

Sideview of mirror finish used in this round mirror

Frameless Round Wall Mirror

Elegant wall mirror designed by John Linden

This round wall mirror is inspired in both shape and finish by the 1920s.  Round mirrors in the 1920s and 1930s were very popular, but fell out of favor during the MidCentury era.

The patina finish you see in the reflection of this mirror is also reminiscent of the era, which used a hand-silvering technique that often left mirrors with a distorted look.

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Our collection of round mirrors has been a huge source of pride for me, John, and the whole MirrorCoop team. 

These frameless, round pieces solve a ton of problems traditionally associated with wall decor, as the are very minimal and chic, blending seamlessly into most any environment.

For this piece in particular, we took one of our most popular mirror finishes and applied it a to a round mirror. 

For 2 years, this has been one of our most requested pieces. 

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