What is Take Three?

Take Three is a series of articles written by the team at MirrorCoop. Each article looks at 3 distinct ways of decorating a single space. By distinct, we mean that the space will have different furniture, color, material, layout, etc.

The photos above are from a recent Take Three Article called Industrial Chic. In this case, the designer changed the wall decor and paint to achieve a unique look for each "take". If you click the link above and read the article, you will see how the articles are laid out.

How it works

You may be asking yourself how this works. As a designer, you will just need to provide information about the look you are trying to achieve. That's it.

Typically, we will send you a photo of the space, and you will send us three sketches with the layouts you think will look best. Sometimes, designers just use a Pinterest board to share inspiration ideas.

The actual photos are up to us. Usually we take a space we are using for an interior to photograph the scene. Since we have a pretty large storehouse of furniture and an installation crew, we'll use those resources to set up and photograph the scene. 

To put it simply, you provide the inspiration ideas and we take care of the rest.

What you get

Your name and photo (only if you want) will be featured in the article, along with links to your website and social media. Each month, MirrorCoop receives approximately 5k unique visitors. We also have a mailing list of 1200 subscribers who will receive a monthly newsletter mentioning you by name and linking to your site. 

Why we are doing this series

MirrorCoop is currently a furniture business, but we have always wanted to contribute more to the design community. Over the years, collaborations have been the most successful form of creation -- whether those collaborations are with our clients or other designers. 

Take Three is a way to further collaborate with designers who we like. (The articles are invite only.) With our furniture and photography resources, these articles are a great way to promote design, gain some interesting perspective from other professionals, and provide our fans with a stream of unique content.

Still not Convinced?

Typically a feature in a website our size costs, at a minimum, a few hundred dollars. For a feature like Take Three, I doubt you could find something comparable for under $1000. In contrast, this is totally free. The only cost is a little of your time in showing the world how creative you can be in putting together a cool, unique interior.

Any questions? Please email me at john@mirrorcoop.com or call my cell phone at (424) 252-2359. We can handle all details on email, so just drop me a line if you want to get started.


John Linden