The Best Rustic Wall Decor

From Shabb Chic to Steel - the best Rustic Decor

by John Linden

The rustic look is definitely coming back into style. You can’t walk into any department store or boutique furniture store without seeing something made from recycled wood. From our perspective, it appears that people are gravitating toward this style because it’s affordable, easy to build yourself and ages well. It’s also very customizable, allowing you to add your personal flair wherever possible.

Rustic wall decor, in particular, gives your home a warm, welcoming feeling that’s hard to find anywhere else. Sure, furniture made from repurposed wood will help you to give your home a vintage theme, but the wall decorations are really the icing on the cake.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of amazing rustic wall decorations out there. Whether you find them in a department store, browse for them on Etsy, scour antique shops or even build them yourself, there are plenty of ways to give your walls a rustic feel.


Here are a few favorites  ↓


Rustic Candle Holder

Wooden wall assemblages have the kind of rustic feel we love.
 See This Mirror on

See This Mirror on

These candle holders, made from repurposed wood, wall hooks, chain and mason jars are both functional and decorative. They’re perfect for both the interior and exterior of your home.

Decorative Flower Holders

These rustic sconces from Chic Sconces allow you to hang flowers right on your wall.

Their distressed surface will look great with any type of flower you choose to accent them with. They come in a pair, too, which means that you can arrange them in any way you like.

Wooden Log Coatrack

This coatrack, made from recycled wood and real wooden logs, is a fun and quirky addition to any rustic-themed room.

It’s the perfect place for your scarves, flannels, jackets or other outdoor gear.

DIY Blanket Ladder

Looking for a place to dry out your towels, display your blankets or organize your clothing?

This DIY rack is a great way to do it. You can build it from recycled wood or fresh lumber with a stain to get a nice rustic feel. Hang it or simply lean it up against the wall. It looks great and serves a purpose, too!

Rustic Picture Hanger

If you want a fun and creative way to display your photographs, this rustic photo hanger could be what you need

It’s easy to build, very affordable and has the vintage-type feel that you’re going for. Simply install some eye hooks into a recycled plank, string some picture wire between them and use clothespins to hang your pictures. You can customize this by choosing your own paint color and selecting decorative clothespins if you like. Hanging black and white photos on it will make your wall look particularly rustic.

Whitewashed Wall Clock

You don’t see as many wall clocks in homes as you used to.

The majority of us, after all, just look at our smartphones when we want to know what time it is. This vintage wooden clock will be a great addition to the rest of your rustic-themed room, providing an antique feeling that a newer clock simply can’t.

Hanging Deer Silhouette

Deer are just one of the animals that go hand-in-hand with the woodsy, nature-inspired feeling of rustic decorations.

Deer are just one of the animals that go hand-in-hand with the woodsy, nature-inspired feeling of rustic decorations. This one, created from a number of differently colored wood scraps, would go perfectly in any bedroom, living room or even bathroom. Mount it up on your wall and you’ll instantly feel like you’re living in a ski lodge.