Antiqued mirror with dark pattern.

Close up of antiqued round mirror reflecting a Midcentury modern interior.

Golden splattered antiqued wall mirror.

Collection of Round Antiqued Mirrors

Handmade frameless wall mirrors

Round, frameless mirrors have a timeless look. Their elegant form and minimal aesthetic makes for a perfect addition to any style of interior.

You can purchase the first mirror on this page here

This collection of round antiqued mirror is one of our more traditional sets of work. Here, we emphasize a sophisticated, simple approach to mirrors.

I personally prefer frameless mirrors to framed, as I believe that frameless look does well integration into its environment, with out the color and finish matching introduced by a frame.

The pieces shown here all have very detailed and colorful antiqued patterns. I think this antiqued style creates an effect similar to a piece of art, more than just a wall mirror. Keeping the mirror frameless gives the mirror a sleek and modern look that pairs well with the vintage color finish. 

If you do prefer framed, adding the accent of a frame may allow you to match your mirror to various pieces of art or furniture in your space -- all this integrating your round antiqued mirror into the room's motif.

Interested in the round antiqued mirror featured here? You can purchase a similar, framed piece directly via our Etsy page.

If the round antiqued mirror does not suit your space but you still want an antiqued mirror, we do offer a similar antiqued mirror with a rectangular shape. Here is a link to purchase a rectangular antiqued mirror by us.

The round antiqued mirrors featured in these photos are perfect for an organized, Scandinavian styled living environment. If you are looking for a similar antiqued mirror that's a different size, let me know.

I can also show you photos of similar mirrors in different environments. We understand that your home may be different than that of these photos. 

In any case, if you are interested in an antiqued mirror, please drop me a line via email.

If any sizes or colors of the mirrors featured in these photos isn't fit for your space, feel free to reach out and we will discuss other options. 

Each week we release a new piece at a special price. This "mirror of the week" is a way to show off the latest work and provide limited edition pieces to our clients. 

We do re-release pieces every few months - and our client list always hears about the offers first. 

All My Best

- John