Blue Table photographed in situation

Rose Gold is the New Gold

We've had so many requests for rose gold work that I decided to show off some of the latest and greatest below.

Breuer inspiration

Breuer inspiration

I knew the tubular look would be fantastic, but the layout of the base and the size of the total piece was still up in the air. 

A metalworker I know and work with suggested the frame used in this table. He had been experimenting with tubular chrome and thought the look was perfect for the industrial Modern project I was working on. I agreed.

Long view of table by Mirror Coop


The glass finish we ended up using in this process was bespoke. The hotel's interior designer had a rough idea, but we went through a testing and revisioning process before coming up with the final finish.

Ultimately, this blue glass -- with its subtle variation and interesting details and deep blue color -- was interesting in more than one way. 

We wanted to provide an interesting visual experience to clients who were both next to the pieces and just entering the room. This glass was perfect, since it is interesting to both casual observers and upon further inspection.


We looked at a few different glass tops, but decided on the "blue waves" finish (you can see a material sample in photo #3). The finish is abstract enough to be interesting up close. In addition, the deep blue is very beautiful, so the table provides an interesting visual from both far and close, which we loved. 

Blue Glass Sample


This project ended up being a set of 3 commissions, each similar in style. If you look below you see the long table, then two shorter tables, one round and one square. 

All 3 tables worked together in a single lounge area, with the smaller two pieces acting as endtables. 

Chrome Endtable with Blue Glass

Tight view of chrome endtable

Endtable photographed in our studio

Chrome endtable with blue glass

tight view of blue table

How We Work

MirrorCoop has taken on many projects like this because we love design and design challenges. The best part about my job is being able to come up with creative solutions and material for some of the world's more interesting interiors. 

Like most projects in the design world, a friend of a friend reached out, and the rest is history. 

If you are interested in design advice or a custom project, please reach out via email. 


Anatomy of a Mirror


Rose Gold Wall Mirrors 

Rose gold might as well be Pantone's color of the year...its everywhere.