Blue Table photographed in situation

Our Take Three series looks at 3 furniture designs MirrorCoop developed for a boutique hotel project in DTLA. 

The Project

Hotel Redesign in Los Angeles where the architect asked us to develop a series of tables for the lounge and hotel lobby. I've always loved the work of Marcel Breuer, who was one of the first mainstream designers to work with tubular metal (recognize the chair on the below?).

 Breuer inspiration

Breuer inspiration

I knew the tubular look would be fantastic, but the layout of the base and the size of the total piece was still up in the air. 

A metalworker I know and work with suggested the frame used in this table. He had been experimenting with tubular chrome and thought the look was perfect for the industrial Modern project I was working on. I agreed.

Take #1 Long Table

Long view of table by Mirror Coop

The first table we presented was a long piece (18" x 60") with a tubular metal frame and blue glass top. We loved the subtlety and beauty of the glass, and the long piece showed of the minute variation of the material.

Take #2 Round Table

Chrome Endtable with Blue Glass

My personal favorite of the three, this table has a polished chrome finish and the same blue glass top. We actually had these photographed in our studio, too, because we loved them so much.

Tight view of chrome endtable

Endtable photographed in our studio

Take #3 Round Table

Chrome endtable with blue glass

Our last piece, the classic square. This table was actually made 5 times for the project, as it was the most functional and easy to integrate into different parts of the hotel. Pretty for sure...but not my fav!

tight view of blue table


It's a Wrap

Unlike other take three projects, these actually all were used in the final interior space! I'm a huge fan of chrome and glass furniture, so these tables are right in my wheel house. If you are looking for sidetables/nightstands check out I have never worked with them but have been a fan from afar for years now.

Until next time!



Chrome Tables for DTLA

We needed to match the quasi-industrial look of the hotel while keeping the piece functional for a DTLA hotel.