Modern Brass Chandelier in Santa Monica

Piped Chandelier

Many bulb chandelier by MirrorCoop

Brass chandelier

Modern Chandelier

Finding the Perfect Light

We tested out three hanging lights for a residence in Santa Monica

People have been saying that brass is out. I hope this is not the case, as we ended up commissioning a beautiful, Modern brass chandelier for this Santa Monica interior. Before we did, we looked at three possibilities.

Did we choose the right one?

 This is part of our Take Three series, which puts designers up to the task of decorating an existing space is three unique ways. Today, John stepped up to the plate.

The Room

The kitchen where this chandelier lives is part of a Modern, California chic interior. With an almost beachy vibe, this interior has cool tones pastel decor, with Modern furnishings and a series of made-in-California pieces.

Take #1Piped Chandelier

This Industrial chandelier was a decent fit for the project, but ultimately felt a little undersized and spidery for what the homeowner was looking for. If you are interested in this type of piece, check out, a bespoke studio in New York with tons of cool lighting pieces.

Take #2 Many Bulbs

This is a super Modern piece that we had commissioned by a lighting studio in New York. The look when illuminated is spectacular and the piece is very popular and well known. That said, our client thought the look was a little out-of-step with the rest of the interior, and I have to say I agree.

Too Modern for the almost boho chic space.

Take #3 Brass

Who said brass is out in 2017!? I love this chandelier. We commissioned a similar piece for a project last year in 2016 and I new this would be a hit for the Santa Monica interior. The homeowner agreed and we had the chandelier installed permanently the next day,

It's a Wrap

With so many options to choose from, finding the right combination of furniture is always as much of an art as a science. We usually go the bespoke route, but you can find awesome lighting through makers both big and small. A friend of mine does 90% of her interior shopping on Etsy, as you get a great blend of unique and quality! Who knows what the right method is, but both my client and I loved this piece!!