Modern Wall Mirror

Sideview of colorful round mirror

Round MidCentury Mirror

Frameless, Colorful Mirror

Round, interesting handmade mirror, designed and created by my studio.

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MidCentury Modern furniture has entered a revival period. The simple chicness and clean symmetry of the era is especially fitting in boutique restaurants and chic apartments. Designed-oriented decorators love the interesting colors and throwback style of MidCentury furniture.

Much of this furniture is made by big box stores and doesn't have very good quality. Even the well designed pieces are too cookie cutter for interesting decorators and home owners, who want something individual for their homes, apartments, and offices.

Handmade furniture pieces are a better choice because
- They are totally unique
- Pieces like this mirror are made & designed by craftsmen in the USA
- They echo the era of furniture design that came before mass manufacturing
- They reflect the interesting space they reside in.

If you have an interesting space, the last thing you want is another run-of-the-mill mirror. Boring is the worst way to decorate. Choosing an interesting, vintage inspired piece will give yours space uniqueness and create an opportunity for conversation.

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- John