Why Midcentury Modern Kitchens Are The Best Kitchens

It is no secret that the 1950’s and 60’s produced some of the best innovations in design. Technology had enabled designers to experiment like never before, resulting in some of the most uniquely interesting design techniques the world has ever seen.

Today, designers often incorporate midcentury modern elements into homes in order to give them a quirky and elegant spin. Specifically when included in the kitchen, midcentury modern elements can provide a unique sense of organization, style and personality.  

Here are few reasons why midcentury modern kitchens are some of the best kitchens around:

Open Floor Plans

The midcentury modern design movement was all about efficiency.  As a result, many of its practitioners took to tearing down unnecessary walls in order to maximize the amount of space in a room.

Instead of relegating the dining area to a separate space, midcentury modern kitchens often include tables and chairs within them.  This enables those with small apartments to have both a sleekly designed kitchen and a place to eat.  If you have the space and the means, you may want to consider the benefits of tearing down the walls that divide your kitchen from the rooms around it.

This open floor plan is perfectly accented by the large windows in the background.

Open Floor Plan and Windows By Decoist

Midcentury modern is a perfect design style for those with small apartments.  It often allows its users to have a high-quality kitchen and dining area without sacrificing space.

Utilizing Space by My Domaine

Multipurpose Furniture

Due to the efficiency of means, much of the furniture found in midcentury modern kitchens has more than one use.  A counter, for example, may also function as a cabinet, a series of shelves and a table.  It is no surprise the the “center island” concept we see in many kitchens today comes from the midcentury modern movement.  This design enables homeowners to condense their belongings to one spot in the room and reduce clutter elsewhere.

Multipurpose Furniture by Life Creative Blog

This counter perfectly exemplifies midcentury modern design, functioning as a shelf and a bar-style table.  It even has a sink built into it!

The shelves built above this counter give the homeowner plenty of space to store bowls and other vessels.  With all of the storage above the counter, the rest of the room remains free of clutter.

Shelves by 99 Architecture

Shelves by 99 Architecture

Muted and Natural Color Schemes

Of course, one of the main reasons why so many people love midcentury modern design is for the muted color schemes. Midcentury designers, after all, were very influenced by the natural world and aimed for their designs to reflect the serenity of nature.  

The kitchen is a perfect place for pastels and earth tones, two types of colors that are frequently used in midcentury modern design. Specifically when there are windows in the kitchen(if you’re lucky enough to have them), midcentury modern design pairs perfectly with the organic shapes seen in the window outside.  

Flowers in handmade pots look fantastic in a midcentury modern kitchen. The organic shapes often pair well with the slick geometry of midcentury furniture and appliances.

Muted and Natural Color Schemes by Kenna Stout

Muted and Natural Color Schemes by Kenna Stout

A case study Melanie Brantes

A client of mine read this article and mentioned a favorite of hers names Melanie Abrantes. Melanie is a woodworker in the Bay area who specializes in really nice, Modern, simple wood pieces.

Table Setting by Melanie Abrantes

Table Setting by Melanie Abrantes

She makes a collection of accessories for inside and outdoors. I know I've had the conversation with many 

 My best as always

- John

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