Your Feature & Working with MirrorCoop

Your work has been noticed and appreciated by the John and the MirrorCoop team! Apart from our mirrors and interior design, MirrorCoop also is a publication that highlights unique artists and makers. 


Example Photo

How It Works

Once a month, MirrorCoop releases a promotional post to our audience. (Here is last month's post.) These promotional posts are design collaborations between MirrorCoop and another company.

The collaboration process is simple. We exchange ideas about a furniture piece or interior layout via Pinterest & email and decide on a look.

MirrorCoop then builds and photographs the piece/interior, creates the promotional post, and sends out the content to our audience. 


Example Email Newsletter

What you Get



Wall Paper Example

How do you Start? 

Once we confirm that you want to move forward, we will talk about the collaboration details. The collaboration process is simple and can be done on Email and also using mood boards via Pinterest.