You’ll Absolutely Love These Pieces of Kitchen Wall Decor

Kitchen wall decor can be the perfect way to liven up your kitchen.  Who doesn’t want to add personality and charm to the room that they use everyday?

Luckily, the kitchen is already filled with objects.  From pots and pans to hanging racks and shelving units, the materials in your kitchen can be tweaked to completely transform your kitchen’s environment.  With a few strategic decisions, your kitchen can feel like an entirely new space.  Here are a few examples of designs that utilize kitchen wall decor to create elegant and unique kitchen spaces:


Give Your Wall Decor Space To Breathe

One mistake that new decorators often make is jamming wall art into places it doesn’t actually fit.  Try not to do this.  When choosing a piece for a given space in your home, make sure that the work will have some space around it.  

For example, if you’re hanging a piece above the fireplace, you don’t want the work to take up the entire mantle space.  As a rule of thumb, don’t hang a work above the fireplace if it is bigger than the fireplace’s enclave.  Because the fireplace is often what you and your guests will be looking at, you don’t want to detract from the beauty of the fire itself.  

You always want your work to achieve balance with the wall, so make sure that you space it evenly and give it some room on each side.

Modern Wall Art from our Pinterest Board

Consider Clustering Small Works (Instead of Hanging Large Ones)

Large groups of small, clustered pieces of wall art is often a great alternative to big bulky pieces.  This allows to show your own sense of creativity by giving you the opportunity to curate a group of pieces together.  Additionally, it often enables you to space the works more evenly.

Instead of having to jam a big painting onto a wall that’s too small to display it, for example, you could hang a number of framed drawings or watercolors side-by-side.  By doing this, you’ll be able to space them out evenly, creating an elegant display that appears balanced and unified.  Make sure that you are careful with your measurements and remember that the grouping should never get too close to the edge of the wall on either side.

Use the Proper Hanging Hardware

Depending on the nature of your home, the walls on which you’ll be hanging work will differ in material.  Each material (wood, brick, drywall) requires a different type of hardware to support artworks.  Most screws, for example, are designed specifically for wood while drywall requires a special type of anchor to keep the screw from falling out.  A little bit of research into which type of hanging hardware your walls need will help you to become an expert wall art hanger.  Your collection of wall decor will look amazing in no time!

A Brief Case Study 1767 Designs

Wall decor typically falls into the traditional art, photo print, or mirror categories. That said, custom wall installations are a great way to showoff a unique accompaniment to your space. Metal, wood, and mixed-media are all very in vogue right now, and the craftsperson movement has made interesting pieces more available.

Case in point, I found 1767 Designs when discussing a new client project with a longtime client. She showed me their Instagram and website, and the images and collection are so good. 

 By 1767 Designs

By 1767 Designs

1767 makes these herringbone wooden decor pieces. This style of wall decor (and pattern in general) has been around for a while and moderately popular. I like how gorgeous the product imagery is. So artistic and interesting.

 1767 Wooden Piece on Mantel 

1767 Wooden Piece on Mantel 

 1767 Detailed Photo

1767 Detailed Photo

This is a case where thinking outside of the box can add a special flair to your space. Mirrors are great -- this is MirrorCoop after all -- but I always think about the newest and most interesting ways to adorn a space, not just the most traditional.

My best as always

- John

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