Layouts & Inspiration

After we worked together on a mirror project together, I approached Katrina about an interior collaboration. I loved her aesthetic and thought she would have a ton a of strong ideas about an interior I was working on.

Photo Layout

We discussed the project and Katrina provided a ton of great feedback and ideas for how the interior would be laid out. 

We took the original floor plan and Katrina noted how the photo layout could look best. (See "Photo Layout").

From there, we collected a mood board of design inspiration, including a beautiful multicolor mirror, some shabby but very chic wall paper, and a antiqued mirror wall by the inimitable interior designer Kelly Wearstler.

 Inspiration #1 by Kelly Wearstler

Inspiration #1 by Kelly Wearstler

 Inspiration #2 Multicolored Mirror

Inspiration #2 Multicolored Mirror

 Inspiration #3 Chic Wallpaper

Inspiration #3 Chic Wallpaper

Bedroom Interior Photos

Below is a study of the interior captured by MirrorCoop. Ultimately, the interior had a very Modern, European feel. The furniture, wall decor, and color scheme all echoed a classic -- almost baroque -- vibe.

bedroom photo #1

Full view of the bedroom. Pink rug was meant to provide some warm relief to the darker floors and walls. The painting over the bed also meant to balance the color of the room.

Close view of the linens, headboard, and over-bed artwork. There is a custom made chair on the far side of the room that has a very French vibe.

full mirror in parisian room

Far side of the bedroom has an oversized mirror. The mirror is intended to provide a light bounce, again to counteract the darkness of the walls.

Longview of bedroom cabinet. White marble top also provides a light accent in an otherwise dark room.

close up on mirror

Living Room & Kitchen

photos of the interior's main living area and kitchen

full view of living room
Tight view of painting
close up of painting

If you are interested in an interior design project, you can contact me directly at Katrina works in Chicago and nationally and you can check out the rest of her portfolio at

where you can also drop her a line about a project or styling engagement.

parisian style

Modern Vibes

We started with a Parisian style interior and looked colors, furniture, and views that would make the interior rock.

Stylist Katrina Hoernig

Katrina's a super talented Chicago-based interior designer. If you are looking for design advice, email her or check out her website