Pink Sofa with Mallory Morrison Photography Overhead

We took a current industrial project put John's decorating skills to the test, looking at three ways he could come up with to furnish this living space. This is part of our Take Three series, which puts well known designers up to the task of decorating an existing space is three unique -- but beautiful! -- ways.


The Room

The room itself has tall (nearly 14') ceilings along with large industrial style windows from floor to ceiling. The space is full of natural light, so John looked to use that light in a interesting way.

Take #1 Art Makes All the Difference

 Mallory Morrison over the Sofa

Mallory Morrison over the Sofa

We decided to only alter the decor above the sofa, as this was the easiest way to effect the room's look without to much renovation. These prints are by Los Angeles artist Mallory Morrison, whose work features figures underwater. She is very legit.

John wanted the entire space above the sofa to be full here, to give the room a more intimate feel. This is the coziest incarnation of his decorations. 

 Close up of Artwork by Mallory Morrison

Close up of Artwork by Mallory Morrison

Overall this look had a nice set of cool tones that complimented one another well. The multiple paintings gave the room a smaller feel, which balanced the high ceilings and cavernous feel that Industrial interiors can have.

Take #2 Mirror Mirror

 Mirror by MirrorCoop

Mirror by MirrorCoop

This is the way the room looks IRL, as we were commissioned to build a mirror for this piece. The custom antiqued finish has a clear(er) center which was key to providing a large light bounce from the east windows and in to the rest of the space.

Antiqued mirrors with very heavy antiquing can lose their ability to bounce light and make a room feel brighter, so we split the difference with this antiqued perimeter layout. This combination make the mirror both functional and decorative, which the homeowner loved.

Take #3 Paint

I love this look but it definitely isn't for the faint of heart. Like Mallory's work above, I wanted to compliment the plush pink of the sofa with a cool blue. A painter friend of mine popped over and we experimented with the wall before it was re-finished in a warm grey that the homeowner ultimately wanted.

 Custom blue paint

Custom blue paint

If I lived here, I'd definitely go for the paint. I love this look because it gives the room so much unique character. Also, re-painting is about the easiest thing you can do to re-fresh your interiors look, so if you are sick of the feel after a while, your a phone call or two away from a new look and feel.

It's a Wrap

This interior is one of a few industrial rooms we are working on. The trick with Industrial is to combat the cold/sterile feel many of these interiors have by focusing on warm accessories. Warm woods can be a creative and unique way to balance a brushed concrete floor and steelcased windows.

Like what you see?

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