Glass Side Tables

Take Three

This is part of our Take Three series, which puts designers up to the task of decorating an existing space is three unique ways. This project is part of a home that I was working on in Chicago.

The Room

Such a beautiful Modern interior in Chicago's immediate suburbs. House has a Parisian vibe, with Modern furnishings, custom hardwood floors. 

Take #1Wainscoting


We looked at a few different adornments for walls of the interior, including custom moldings. I've always been a huge fan of wainscoting but it never seems to win the day. In general, custom molding of any type can be expensive and require a lot of maintenance, so I see why homeowners typically shy away. But I love it!! (Here is an article on DIY wainscoting for the adventurous

Take #2 Traditional Molding

Glass Side Table

Here is a more traditional look that incorporates the same wainscoting concept. I personally love it, but this also was passed on by the homeowner. This wainscoting, if done by a professional, creates a very sophisticated look and also introduces some color relief into the space. 

Take #3 Paint

Glass Side Table with Painted Wall

A Pinterest favorite!! Using an interesting paint pattern and applying it makes for a very visually interesting room. That said, everyday coming to a room with such vibrant paint can be tiring. Most people switch these paint schemes after some time.

It's a Wrap

We ended up using a pared back paint design in the bedroom, which I really loved. If you are interested in seeing more Take Threes, drop your email below and stay in the loop.

Glass Side Tables

We experimented with different paint and wainscoting in this Parisian style Interior