Fantail style wall mirror

Swatch of gray mirror

Fantail Deco mirror 

Art Deco inspired wall mirror.

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Interior spaces often have inadequate lighting. Using mirrors is a great way to "open up" a space, bouncing light throughout the room. 

This 1930s inspired wall mirror has a vintage chic appeal and will open up your living space in way that is both interesting and fashionable. Like decor of the era, this piece has a shimmering, sparkling beauty. Mirror would work well as a statement piece in a more modestly decorated space, or as an addition to an already vibrant and eclectic living or working space.

With an interesting, vintage-inspired piece like this you have
- a golden reflection and light bounce for any interior working or living space. 
- a handmade, unique piece that will give your living or working space a unique flair.
- a special, old-world touch

All living spaces benefit from unique pieces. Give your home an interesting twist with this golden, gorgeous piece.

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