Natasha's Deposit for Custom Antiqued Wall Mirror


Natasha's Deposit for Custom Antiqued Wall Mirror


Custom Wall Mirror will Measure 39 x 47 frameless 

or 39" Diameter

This piece is $1,500. This includes both shipping and boxing. 

You will receive notice via email, phone, or in-person meeting of any
samples, drawings, or other job materials that require approval.

Upon payment, you will receive a document noting the amount paid and other relevant details for your records.


Shipping and other details

The mirror itself will ship within 4 - 6 weeks of order date. Shipment will occur in a wooden crate designed specifically for this piece. Mirror will be fully insured, so any damage incurred during shipment will result in a full refund.

Transporting and opening the mirror's crate will require a drill and the box may weigh apx. 125lbs. The piece itself will weight  40 - 50 lbs. If the piece needs to be transported upstairs, etc. please plan accordingly. Hanging mirror will require a professional art installer

Mirror will be mounted on wooden backboard, which has a dark, blackened edge to reduce visibility. The mirror will come with a metal French cleat as its hanging fixture. This will need to be mounted to the wall (or hanging surface) by you. The screws/anchors for mounting the piece will not be included, as different surfaces require specialty screws. 

**please consult the installer to see whether or not mechanical support will be needed**

Instructions for hanging the piece will be included before the piece is shipped. All tracking information will also be included upon shipment.

Thanks and please email me with questions,


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