How it Works: creating a digital interior

Creating beautiful imagery is part of MirrorCoop's mission. We've spent the last 3 years designing and illustrating promotional photos that highlight our work and the work of some of our favorite designers and makers.

Our image creation process integrates new technology with traditional composition and photography techniques. Together, MirrorCoop has achieved a level of freedom to compose, arrange, and use materials that transcends traditional photography.


Example with matte finish

Part 1: Composition, Modeling, & Lighting

All product photography you see on Mirror Coop is created using the following steps. 

  1. A series of inspiration photos (10 - 15) are reviewed, noting angles, appearance & mood that make the photos eye catching.
  2. An environment is created and illustrated using lighting and a matte finish, testing the photography (see an example) by creating a set of images.
  3.  The editorial team reviews the images and makes changes or approves the initial layout.


Part 2: Materials & Color

  1. The editorial team selects a mood and material finish for the environment and its contents.
  2. Our illustrator replaces the matte finish with real materials, giving the images a colorful, textured feel.
  3. The images are prepared at low resolution and reviewed.

Material Finish from April 2015

Full Edited Interior Image


Part 3: Editing 

  1. Full size images (2k) are created.
  2. These images are re-touched for style and mood.
  3. The editorial team decides on the order of release. The images are then released on the website & email newsletter. (Here is an example finished project.)