Blue Hanging Wall Mirror. Photograph taken at private residence in LA. 

Front view of Round Blue mirror

Golden wall mirror photographed above black desk top.

Hanging, frameless round purple wall mirror.

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Close up of purple wall mirror.

Black wall mirror in Modern residence, outside of Los Angeles.

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Colorful Round Mirrors by Mirror Coop

Art Deco inspired round wall mirrors. Playful, bright, geometric mirrors by John Linden

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Each colorful mirror shown here is part of our bigger collection, which is a direct throwback to the Art Deco period. 

Back in the day -- 1920s and 1930s -- jewel-toned mirrors were very popular. They acted as a cool, interesting, and chic accessory for the Art Deco interiors of Ruhlmann and Ponti.

Past the 1950s, however, these designs fell out of favor for a variety of reasons, including the fact that the production was very dangerous. 

Today, thanks for our awesome manufacturing team, we've been working hard to bring these beautiful colorful pieces back into the mainstream. 

Such an elegant combination between function and beauty, these colorful mirrors are perfect for Modern interiors, as well as MidCentury and Industrial spaces.

Like what you see? Let's talk about your project and how one of these mirrors could work in your space. 

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