MirrorCoop build furniture using glass and mirror. Without a doubt, blue mirror has been a favorite with both our homeowner & design clientele. We've created a few, favorite pieces using this blue mirror, including the round, frameless mirrors you see below (a lighter and darker version of the same piece). The far right is a material swatch, which you can order to evaluate the color before creating a larger piece. 

Blue Round Mirror

Round mirror. Hanging wall mirror made with unique blue mirror. Deco mirror perfect for an interesting, modern living space. 

This handmade blue round mirror is a delightful, symmetrical MidCentury inspired piece. The blue glass is a rare and unique compliment to any chic interior or living space. I loved building this piece as it is simple, colorful, and fun yet still elegant and interesting.

If you are looking for a different size, please send me a message or an email at john@mirrorcoop.com

- john

Round Blue Mirror in MidCentury Interior