Modern Wall Decor by The Poster Club

Monthly Favorites

by John Linden

A collection of the best design and most interesting designers from last month's travels around the web. 

Bespoke Card from Wolf and Wren

Wolf and Wren

Custom Stationary + Paper

Owners Liz Wolf and Lauren Stapleton collaborate to produce special letterpress printed cards and other paper goods. The cards incorporate printed handwriting and distinctive drawings making them ultra unique.  A cool idea for a gift. We have been looking at custom business cards -- this is where I found them!


The Poster Club

Wall Prints

Probably the best collection of mid-range wall decor I've found online. They are in Europe, FYI. Great artists and high quality. I'm always on the lookout for print collections, and this is one of the best I've found. 

Under Lucky Stars

Wall Prints

Novel idea but very cool! a Modern star map that pinpoints an exact location. We are currently looking at a few of these in each bedroom where the client's children were born. 

Knit Rug by Happy French Gang

Knit Rug by Happy French Gang

Happy French Gang

A touch of French but also very California

An all purpose accessories shop, HFG has some really great handmade linens, rugs, and pillows. I love their vibe -- and think it really captures the laid back, California aesthetic well.

Fabric by Thompson Street Studio


Thompson Street Studio

New York, New York

Another custom textile studio, Thompson Street 

My best as always

- John

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