Bathroom Wall Decor

bathroom wall decor blends style & function

By John Linden

Nothing is worse than living with a bathroom you hate. After all, we use our bathroom just as much as any other space our homes. But finding the perfect bathroom fixtures, bathroom wall decor, and bathroom accessories can feel like too much work.

Tile in Scandinavian Bathroom

Yet a bathroom that’s unorganized, cluttered or just out of date can make the home feel messy and be a minor bummer every time you step inside.

For this reason, we've put together a list of key pieces of decor that can turn your bathroom from rundown to fab.  

As you will see, stylish mirrors, shelving and other functional elements can make fantastic bathroom wall decor.  Here are some tips on choosing the right bathroom wall decor and some receommendations to get your moving in the right direction.

Now let's get you started in transforming the (possibly) most important room in your home...

PS if you are interested in a general overview of how to organize your bathroom, check out this article by Freshhome

If You Want to a Little Humor

A little humor definitely goes a long way in the bathroom. If you ever wanted to put a risqué piece somewhere in your home but couldn't decide where, the bathroom is as good bet! Above is some bathroom wall decor from Etsy. Their selection is a little cookie cutter (surprisingly) but you will be able to find something without breaking the bank. 


If you Want Something Cool

MidCentury illustrations have always been such a charming addition to any bathroom decor, that I could pass up the opportunity to mention them. I've been a huge fan of architectural art -- and illustration fits the bill here. It's a classy, lighthearted way to introduce some fun into what might otherwise be a drab space. 


If you want You space to Look Architectural Digest ready

Mirrors are a classic choice for adding a touch of style to your bathroom. (For some MirrorCoop options, check out this link.) Since you can't have a bathroom without one, mirrors are an easy way to upgrade your bathroom wall decor without introducing new items into the mix. A unique -- shape, color, or frame -- mirror is an excellent way to give your bathroom character. 


If you want You space to Look Apartment Therapy ready

Pottery Barn, Target, and CB2 all have reliable and stylish selections of wall mirrors. If you don't want to break the bank -- or the hassle -- of something custom, looking to something off the shelf gives you a ton of benefit without the work of coordinating color and size that a custom piece would. 


If You Love Old Fashioned Decor

The bathroom is one of the only places where you can let that urge to decorate with an olde english sign come to the fore. Check out this collections by Amazon. They are cute, inexpensive, and provide a touch of the 19th century to your bathroom. 

These decor products should get you moving in the right direction. Below are design tips that will take you ever further toward making your bathroom fab.

Tip #1 Choose Tiles You Love

Tiles are a must have in any bathroom.  They keep moisture from getting into the structural components of the space and make cleaning much easier.  However, tiles are also a decorative element that serve to create the theme and color scheme of the entire bathroom.  If you hate the tiles in your bathroom, you’ll probably hate the entire room.  After all, no one wants to be surrounded by tiles that make them uncomfortable.

Think of tiles as wall decor and choose accordingly.  Pick a size, shape and color that you want to look at everyday.  This will be the first step toward building a bathroom that you enjoy spending time in.  

Stylish, Modern Tiles from Three Birds Renovation


Tip #2 Find Stylish Mirrors and Shelves

Because every bathroom needs shelving for towels and mirrors in which to do your makeup, it makes sense that the most amazing bathrooms turn these elements into decorations.  Instead of finding any old shelf and tacking it up with brackets, try finding one that adds something to your bathroom’s environment.  Many wall-hanging shelving units can add parallel lines and patterns to your bathroom’s theme and pair nicely with flat-colored walls.  You can also paint them to match the room’s existing color scheme.

In addition, the mirror can double as a piece of wall decor.  Mirrors can be purchased in many shapes and sizes or cut to suit your tastes.  If you can find a decorative mirror, you’ll be amazed at how it changes the feeling of your bathroom.

Towels hung on a decorative shelving unit are the perfect form of functional bathroom wall decor.  You can even change the color of the shelf itself to match the rest of your bathroom.


Tip #3 Utilize Your Surfaces

Not all wall decor has to be mounted on the wall itself.  Instead, some decorations can sit on the bathroom’s surfaces, nestled up against the wall.  Houseplants, ceramic containers and colorful soap dishes all make great bathroom decor.  They occupy space left by the bathroom’s functional elements and contribute to the overall feeling of joy and cleanliness in the bathroom.

Placing houseplants on the windowsill, sink and other surfaces can be a great way to occupy wall space in your bathroom.  Finding a houseplant or decorative jar that matches your bathroom can be a great way to decorate.  

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