Antiqued mirror in bathroom

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Here is a swatch of the antiqued mirror used in the bathroom.

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Side view of antiqued mirror swatch used in the project.

Framed Antiqued Mirror in Bathroom

Stormy Antiqued Mirror in Tiled Bathroom by MirrorCoop

This mirror was developed for a Scandinavian style interior we worked on in the Los Angeles area.

The homeowner loved the antiqued mirror finish -- we used mirrors through the entire condo -- but a question came up when discussing the bathroom.

Will the antiqued mirror be too hard to use as a functional mirror?

In other words, will I be able to wash my face and put on makeup in a mirror like this?

The answer is yes...well almost yes.

This piece ended up being slightly more obscure than we anticipated, and as a result, we had to install extra lighting to make it work.

Mirror in bathroom, framed antiqued mirror -- antiqued mirrors suited for the bathroom are a huge part of our collection. If you are interested in seeing the latest and greatest as they are made join our list of clients.

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