Finding Your Leaning Mirror

Leaning mirrors have exploded in popularity as a chic way to open up your space. You can hardly browse Architectural Digest without seeing one. Turning your space into a mouthwatering photo opportunity takes some work. Below, I'll help you get there by...

1. How to Decorate Your Home with Leaning Mirrors

2. Where to Find Leaning Mirrors Online or in Person

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Custom Leaning Mirror in NYC Apartment by MirrorCoop

Decorating with Leaning Mirrors

 Interested in using a leaning mirror in your own home? Leaning mirrors can add instant chic without the fuss of installation. Even better, they can be moved anytime like any other piece of furniture without damaging your walls. Although they sound easy to work with, there are still a few tricks to decorating with leaning mirrors.

Below are 5 considerations you must make 

1. Lean your mirrors on tables, bookshelves, or mantles. This has the benefit of adding life to the dull, unused space above your furnishings.

2. Mirrors reflect more than you. Lean it in a place where it can also reflect something attractive and add dimension to a lifeless space. This includes furniture, accents, art, and even a window with a great view outside. 

3. Lean and stack mirrors, artwork, and other wall décor on the floor to get a bohemian look to your room. Start with the largest piece in the back to the smallest out front. These need not be stacked evenly. Layer them so they overlap and each piece is peeking out. Not only will this occupy less real estate than hanging, but you can achieve an Avant Garde charm to boot.

4. Your leaning mirrors can slip easily on floors and carpet. To prevent this, slide something under the mirror’s frame like a door stopper. If you are leaning a larger piece, look for Dclips or hanging rings that can be used to anchor the mirror to the wall.

5. If you love the idea of a leaning mirror but want it more secured, you can still attach it to a wall. Mount your mirror’s top to the wall with a hook or clip. The bottom area remains on the floor. Of course, make sure the spot you’ve chosen works for you since it is at least a semi-permanent position and moving your mirror even if its technically a free-standing mirror will still take some work.


Below is a photo of a gorgeous leaning mirror from New York interior designer Megan Pflug


Getting a Leaning Mirror into Your home - Where to find and buy

Leaning mirrors are typically larger than regular wall mirrors, so dealing with them takes some doing. Below are options for working with online retails, including recommendations for specific pieces.


1. Purchase online through a well known retailer

Fast and simple, working with a Pottery Barn or similar is the "easy button" option.

Pottery Barn needs no introduction. A middle of the road retailer with some interesting and chic items, but mostly traditional home decor. They have the Berke Floor Mirror which is a 36" x 78" leaning wall mirror with a subtle iron frame. 


  • White Glove Delivery is available - a piece this size (it weighs nearly 80 lbs) really requires some expertise when unpacking an positioning.
  • Simple Return Policy - Pottery Barn has been a breeze to work with on returns in my experience. 
  • Inexpensive - a mirror this size would be $500 more expensive if you were to buy custom.


  • There is only one possible size, so customization is out of the question.
  • The mirror itself is actually 3 mirror pieces that are mounted together, giving the appearance of one single mirror. The look is subtle, but might not be what you are looking for. 
  • The iron frame is a fine look, but can rust over time and is not as strong (or good looking) as steel.

 See on CB2

See on CB2

CB2 is Crate and Barrels home decor retailer. I have to say, their product line has really improved in the last few years. Once they were way behind the times.  Now, they have really great Modern offerings, including their Lucy Brass Floor Mirror.


  • A very chic design - this mirror is far from boring and would look great even in a high-end interior.
  • CB2 review system shows this piece with a 5-star rating, which is all based on customer feedback.
  • If you live near a CB2, you can pick the piece up in store for free.


  • The frame is actually aluminum -- not brass -- so the material quality is not high.
  • This piece would definitely not fit in every decor situation, so unless you have a fairly Modern interior, I don't see this being a fab option.
  • Shipping and packaging is not very clear. A piece this size will likely require a very big, sturdy box, so be warned as anything else could result in a broken mirror on your doorstep. 

 See the  Lean Mirror  

See the Lean Mirror 

Hive Modern is my favorite Modern retailer. They carry the best brands and the pricing and customer service are good. The Lean Mirror is an interesting, MidCentury Modern take on the leaning wall mirror. 


  • The piece is handmade in Canada, which means the craftsmanship is likely better than you will find with an Asian manufacturer.
  • You can choose between 2 sizes and a few wood finishes, so matching the piece to your existing decor is possible.


  • Long lead time - this piece takes up to 12 weeks to arrive. 
  • The piece has not been reviewed by any Hive Modern customers, so the quality is not very clear. 
  • This piece is expensive relative to a larger, box retailer (like the pieces above).

2. Work with MirrorCoop

We've worked more and more on custom leaning mirror projects. Though a custom piece isn't the right solution for everyone, there are some cases where it's a must. 

Large leaning mirror photographed in Chicago

MirrorCoop is a glass and mirror studio that creates custom furniture pieces, including wall mirrors and mirrored furniture. 


Detailed view of leaning mirror

  • The piece can be made to a custom dimension and have a custom finish (colorful or antiqued)
  • We provide hands-on design guidance from the start, so what you receive is exactly the look you want.


    • Lead time - depending on your project, pieces may take up to 16 weeks.
    • Custom pieces are always more expensive than their retail counterparts.
    • Our design professional clients are our priority, so some pieces and finishes will not be available to the public.

    Front View of Antiqued Mirror

    MirrorCoop is a customer furniture studio that build wall mirrors and mirrored furniture. We are based in Los Angeles but work through the United States, Europe, and Australia. In other words, we can build you a custom mirror and ship it to your door.

    Most pieces we build are custom, though you can always see what's currently available here. If you have a question about a custom piece, just email me at