Antiqued Leaning Mirror

Hand-distressed leaning mirror with golden reflection

Antiqued Leaning Mirror in New York

This leaning mirror was part of a larger remodel project that MirrorCoop consulted on in Chicago. My client was very interested in functional art, so we developed a series of furniture pieces that would give the apartment a Modern, elegant, and artistic feel.

The furniture pieces were either purchased from 1stdibs, which I love and use all the time, or other antique resellers ( is another favorite).

The custom pieces were all made by local artisans, including our furniture and metal workers in Chicago. One huge bonus of living in a big city is that you can find very high quality furniture for relatively cheap if you go the custom route. 

Time and time again, I've been impressed with the quality and attentiveness shown by local craftspeople.

For the mirror photographed, I worked with the homeowner and designer, providing a colorful relief to an otherwise muted interior. The mirror measure over 6' x 4' and has a concealed attachment that anchors it to the wall and floor.

*Just as a note, large, leaning mirrors often require extra anchoring so that they don't tip over. It's best to talk with your general contractor before ordering a piece like this, as they just require more work in order to be effective. 

If you like this setting and furniture, check out our Take Three series, where I challenge interior designers to layout a room 3 ways and decide which look is the best. 

A similar mirror from Mirror Coop in New York

Large mirror photographed in industrial space

Detailed view of antiqued mirror

Sample Piece of Antiqued Mirror

 Antiqued Italian mirror. This finish can be made into a large leaning mirror.

Antiqued Italian mirror. This finish can be made into a large leaning mirror.

Interested in a large antiqued mirror for your space? You can purchase a similar piece directly via our Etsy page. Although the mirror we linked to on our Etsy page is hanging, you can leave it unmounted and leaning against any wall of your choosing.

About Leaning Mirrors

 Interested in using a leaning mirror in your own home? Leaning mirrors can add instant chic without the fuss of installation. Even better, they can be moved anytime like any other piece of furniture without damaging your walls. Although they sound easy to work with, there are still a few tricks to decorating with leaning mirrors.

1.    If you have children, for safety’s sake, lean your mirrors on tables, bookshelves, or mantles. This has the benefit of adding life to the dull, unused space above your furnishings.

2.    Mirrors reflect more than you. Lean it in a place where it can also reflect something attractive and add dimension to a lifeless space. This includes furniture, accents, art, and even a window with a great view outside. 

3.    Lean and stack mirrors, artwork, and other wall décor on the floor to get a bohemian look to your room. Start with the largest piece in the back to the smallest out front. These need not be stacked evenly. Layer them so they overlap and each piece is peeking out. Not only will this occupy less real estate than hanging, but you can achieve an Avant Garde charm to boot.

4.    Your leaning mirrors can slip easily on floors and carpet. To prevent this, slide something under the mirror’s frame like a door stopper. If you are leaning a larger piece, look for Dclips or hanging rings that can be used to anchor the mirror to the wall.

5.    If you love the idea of a leaning mirror but want it more secured, you can still attach it to a wall. Mount your mirror’s top to the wall with a hook or clip. The bottom area remains on the floor. Of course, make sure the spot you’ve chosen works for you since it is at least a semi-permanent position and moving your mirror even if its technically a free-standing mirror will still take some work.

Below is a photo of a gorgeous leaning mirror from New York interior designer Megan Pflug. Megan's instagram -- -- is definitely worth following. I have loved this picture for sometime, so thought I would share with everyone.

We do make custom furniture and functional pieces to pair with your large leaning mirror, similar to the one in Megan's photo. Take a look at some of our pieces here. 

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