Leaning Wall Mirror

Mosaic Style Leaning Mirror and long, single panel wall mirror.

These large, leaning mirrors are a perfect addition to homes that are looking to open up their space.

As a rule, the larger the mirror, the more of a light bounce the piece provides, which is a handy way to increase both brightness and perceived size of a space.

One word of warning, large leaning mirrors often require a professional to mount the frame to the wall to prevent falling.

Before these mirrors are ever shipped, let's have a conversation about the best way to mount the piece.

 Large Interior mirror in New York Residence

Large Interior mirror in New York Residence

 Side view of antiqued mirror

Side view of antiqued mirror

Full Size 60 x 40 Antiqued Leaning Mirror

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Another photo of leaning wall mirror

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If you are looking for a reproduction of the antique leaning mirror here, you can email me directly. I'm John@mirrorcoop.com

The original piece lives in sunny Palm Springs, California. 

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